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The Internet is a chaotic mess. You can easily get lost in the temptations offered to you everywhere you go. But if you know how to use it properly you are empowered to move quick and deep in your spiritual development.  The smart phone is the most effective tool to navigate cyberspace. Nowadays smart phones have become a part of most of us. We are always connected. It is a habit that requires moderation. In this talk we are going to navigate through a set of tools that empower Catholics to grow in their faith as well as explore ways to create health habits when using the smart phone to navigate cyberspace.

As a returning Catholic I use my smart phone to enrich my knowledge of the faith. I have several tools (apps) I use for prayer, meditation, contemplation, Scripture reading, listen to music, group sharing and community development, among others. This is a collaborative talk where I display my experience, listen to yours and incorporate your ideas and experience into future talks. So get your smart phone charged up and show up to this talk where we will have a lot of fun together.

Marco Figueiredo is a member of OLPH Catholic Church in Ellicott City and works as an aerospace engineer designing computer chips that control spacecrafts. He is originally from Brazil and migrated to the US in 1989. He also started non-profit called Gems of the Earth Network where he led a group of about 150 volunteers worldwide in helping small rural communities in Brazil get access to the Internet, in a movement called digital inclusion. That project went on from 2001 to 2012 when he started to see the bad the Internet could bring to people's life. His last article entitled "Overcoming Poverty Through Digital Inclusion" was published by the IEEE IT Professional magazine in May 2012. You can see a short version here:

Knights of Columbus
Father Joseph J. Comyns Council #9638
Meeting Announcement

The Online Catholic - How to use your smart phone to charge your spiritual life
By Marco Figueiredo

Monday Evening, October 28, 2019, 7:30 PM at OLPH Harrison Hall

Invite your family and friends, food and beverages served
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