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Lecture September 9, 2019

The Change of Seasons

Ed Niehenke Lecturer 

God is always working, even in seasons when we don’t see much activity. During the season of planting, when there is no harvest, God is watering, nurturing, fertilizing and containing us so that in due season we can bring forth the fruit of righteousness He desires.

After a season of harvest, He often initiates a time of pruning. Painful though this may be, it is necessary for us to produce even more fruit. We can trust God to do whatever He needs to do in our lives today because of His proven faithfulness yesterday.

God’s creation is amazing.  Fall comes now and we change our clothes from shorts to warmer clothes.   We switch from baseball to football.  So, how can change our relationship with God, our family and others?

Well, I know that I need to prayer more, be more attentive to my wife spend more time with my children and grandchildren.

Please share with others your plans for change in this change of seasons.